Naruto - the popular ninja-related anime with a talented community backing it up

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It all started off at the end of 2002. A great new manga series has been adapted into an anime. Nobody thought it would become as massive as it has become. The anime being spoken of is the Naruto series, which has become one of the most recognizable animes amongst fans all over the globe, not just in Japan. With the rise of Naruto, there has become a huge demand for other Naruto-related content, such as video games which there have been more than 55 official releases so far. Now that is only counting official releases from the Naruto franchise owners. The fans of the game have created countless fan-related content related to Naruto on the web. The main attraction of Naruto was the art style which has sparked an insane amount of communities to rally around and create the best-animated porn there is.

Good old perverted sexy transformation Jutsu

The world of Naruto hentai is even bigger than the actual series itself. The sheer amount of people dedicating their lives to creating pornographic content related to Naruto is mind-boggling. There was always going to be a market for it, and the fact that Naruto had sexual innuendos inside its show just helped boost its popularity. From any google search, it is easy to find a website that has sections of animated porn, and there's a high probability that Naruto is going to be on the first page. The artists who create erotic videos and manga of Naruto are extremely talented and respected in the Hentai community. They take the advice of their fans when creating new scenarios and are always looking into making something new with the good old Naruto cast. The die-hard Naruto community may need to seek help from mental health professionals in their real life from the amount of time they spend on their screens commentating on Naruto, but they can sure as hell create some astonishing porn scenarios. Everything from the drawing skills of the artists to the voice acting abilities, they make the best jerk-off material you can wish for.

Getting down and dirty has never been easier

Since Naruto is extremely popular, every hentai fan can appreciate Naruto-related porn. It can range from very vanilla sex with Sasuke and Sakura, or if you're kinkier, it can be Naruto's harem of every damn bitch in the Konoha village. Of course, that's not too kinky. If you're into a bit more extreme, there's a wide section of BDSM, Kohona girls with dicks taking revenge on the ninjas, and Naruto with his clones who have been turned into sexy clones with his Jutsu. Although it's not sure if that last one categorizes as incest or solo since it's all the same person. It's on you to decide anyways. The main advantages, as previously mentioned, are the many characters within it who have massive sex appeal. Combined with the talented hands of the hentai makers is bound to create a beautiful video or manga that is just so sweet and perfect to bust the fattest nut to. Many websites dedicate their hentai to various different animes and mangas, so a good thing would be to find the one who specializes in one specific theme. has all of the most up-to-date videos with great quality. Just make sure to choose the right category. You don't want to see Sakura with a 10-inch schlong all over your screen all of a sudden unless you're into that. Which is totally fine. This is a kink, shame-free zone.

Fun and interactive as a good ending note

As previously mentioned, a good chunk of the Naruto fanbase loves video games. You might like the regular titles released by the official publishers, but the best versions are always fan-created. There are countless Naruto porn games on the web for your choosing. From story based to action-packed, but always with a plethora of beautiful anime titties on your screen. Many people opt to play story-based games because they offer a different perspective of the story, sort of like an alternate ending or an easter egg. Now the already mentioned site,, has your back on this one too. So what else is left there to do than lock your room, take down your pants, and head on over to and let your dirty imagination run wild.
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