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Hello, wanker! Should I call you slut-Betty today, huh? In this article we will talk about a game where all the girls are with a surprise! This game is called Cross mars in a genre that will appeal to fans of transvestites - Yaoi Visual Novel!

Who is who?

But before we get into the main overview of the plot, gameplay and other, let's explain to the newbies how are transvestites and transsexual different (not to be confused with futanari!). Transvestites are people who choose to dress and act like the opposite sex. Transsexuals, on the other hand, completely change their gender to the opposite with the help of medical intervention. A futanari is a non-binary person who is characterized by both sexes. Now that we figured it out, let's get to the plot!

The plot

The main character of the plot is Mika, he is the character for whom you will play. Mika is a galactic traveler who has been assigned an important mission, but has technical difficulties. Mika is forced to crash-land on Mars cause of the difficulties. On that planet, he is greeted by a pair of friendly martians who advise him to dress more feminine in order to be like them and hide his identity. Mika obeys them, dressing in an effeminate look for her own safety or not only? All in all our character feels great in women's clothes and begins to behave like a girl. Because of this, he make new acquaintances with whom they have a sexual relationship. Will he be able to leave this planet to return home to Earth, or will the power of love force him to stay on Mars? It's only your decision!


Cross Mars is a game in the Yaoi Visual Novel genre, that means that it won't take you efforts to complete it, because all you have to do is choose what to do from a limited number of scenarios. Every your decision leads you to a new development in the plot and certainly new sex scenes. The game’s graphics are presented in 2D. I absolutely like that the Tophatstudio developers drew animations in the dialogues for each character! And of course bed scenes that can be viewed from different angles. I should note the musical accompaniment to each scene over which they really got confused. To be honest, this is usually a problem for many novel games, but this one seems to have thought of every detail, creating the perfect music selections for both action scenes and sex scenes!


Well, I give this game ten trances out of ten and absolutely confidently declare that Cross Mars is the best game in this genre in 2022!
Henrique26 May 2022 14:42

Hola estou com vontade de baixar este game,Tem para Android,Como baixa?

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