Merging the world of Chess with the enticing world of sex

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Author: Artemida

Nothing is ever perfect, and there is always enough space for improvement. When you think of chess, you get the mental images of a checkered board, wooden figures, and careful and counted steps. But your vision of chess is about to change forever, and for the better. Chess is a game of patience and intellect, and this game has been the board game to entertain many over the centuries. Now get ready to get introduced to a world, to a game where your knowledge of chess and your skills would be put to the test! If you are good enough of a player, then maybe you would be able to seduce the cute and surprisingly smart blonde hottie in the game of Chess and Fuck .

Our story begins with a bored and handsome king, in his bed, surrounded by anime cuties that are begging him to give them a taste of their rod. As a player, you will be taking on the role of the king, who is in search of entertainment that will spark his interest enough, and make his dull days brighter. Since the moment you, the king, wake up, the cute bunny anime stunner is all over him, but your mind is far away, ready to take on the challenges of the Chess tournament. When the games begin, a strikingly beautiful blondie shows up to play against the king, but she is different than the other girls. Her mind is pure, and her skills in chess are sharp. Play against the blondie, take away the victory from her, and win her drool-worthy body

The game is an interactive game, where in order to get your naughty rewards, you must play against these gorgeous ladies all over the king’s castle, and use your charms as well as your wit to make the hotties surrender their bodies to you. Go on an adventure, provided to you by Erogames. With this game, you will be playing the role of the bored king, in search of the meaning of his ruling days, until the gorgeous and smart blonde honey shows up to turn your world upside down. In the Chess and Fuck game you will be able to play your favorite board game online and admire and taste sweet hotties that fell head over heels for the king. As the game goes on, more and more ladies will play against you, and this is the perfect game for all of you chess lovers, that are dreaming of a gorgeous girl to give you a challenge you can’t miss out on!

If you are ready to put your chess skills to the test, and see if you are good enough to win these ladies over with only a few smooth moves, then head over to Erogames and give the new hentai game Chess and Fuck game a try! Keep your mind sharp, and your hand ready for these alluring divas! Play this naughty game now!
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