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Author: Artemida

There was a sixth wave of coronavirus. All people are locked at home due to the pandemic. Do you want to go outside? Then keep the fine cost to your kidney. Everyone is fed food for astronauts from jars, and only a select people can eat an ordinary apple from a tree but not what is in a tube. The economy, art and much more are falling. The president of Russia was vaccinated for the third time. It seems he is preparing to become a terminator. Delivery men and webcam girls are recognized as national heroes. Yeah, it might have been a joke before, but bro, now it's true.

Social distancing started a long time ago. Why did I break up with my girlfriend just before this fucking pandemic? In order not to go crazy with loneliness (after all, does someone want to be alone with their cockroaches?), I decided to meet someone on the network. And hell, people's brains are soured! They are so boring but I dont blame them, because I lived in the day of the groundhog too. My friend once said that he found a way not to get bored, so I decided to write to him. In response I received a regular link. At first I thought
what the hell, man, I thought you would tell me how to escape from home so that I would not be caught!
, but then I decided to open the link.

To be honest, now I hang out on Porn Gash Webcams every day, where I kill time with real beauties. Hell, I'm really curious with them! And a huge bonus is that they show you their gorgeous body and all the holes. At first I was always surprised at how depraved they could be, but then I stopped being embarrassed and asked them to do something even more dirty. And what a fuck, they agreed! Do you think that's all? Oh no, besides everything, there are a bunch of different categories on the site, so you can find babies to your liking. Do you like lolley with small tits? Maybe a milf? There are those that look like boys.

You know? After acquaintance with Porn Gash Webcams, I realized that I'm fine at home too.
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