Spooky Starlets Review

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Author: Artemida

I greet you, wanker! Are you ready to plunge into the world of lust and debauchery with me and watch a review of the new game that came out this summer! Creepy starlets and sexy horror show are waiting for you! An early version of Spooky Starlets is now available on Steam!

Let's start with the fact that this is a canon porn game where you are the owner of a porn studio, but the main highlight lies in your porn actresses girls! These nymphomaniac are monsters, but not the ones you are used to seeing in horror films, but a thousand times more attractive. And do you know what? You definitely want to fuck them!

What do we have? Its a great visual novel where you can discover new sex scenes that you can then check out in your gallery.

Game idea

As I already said, the point of the game is that you shoot porn with your actresses monsters and at each stage you get a few random cards. They, in turn, consist of different scenes and other bonuses!

You need to use your girls more often to get more money to buy new cards and other things. So you will improve the level of girls and discover new scenes for jerking off.

There is not a lot of content in the game right now due to the fact that it is in the early stages of production, however you will be able to see exciting sexual stories of monster girls in the porn industry. And as a bonus you get some hot dirty dark elf scenes!


And now my favorite part is the sluts. Let's start with the crazy Susie Stichs! It is a zombie girl painted in Frankenstein style. She is enthusiastic and puts a lot of energy into her work! She manages to make it very-very hot.

It's time to move on to wolf girl Red Ryder who wants dick for the whole time! Surely for some she will seem too fluffy, but her shape and animal behavior is just a delight!

And the last of the girls I'll tell you about is a demon slut! (yes, the last one, I won't open all the cards) she is very slim. Do you know why? She just loves doing for sports, and her favorite sport is sex!

Why is this game so fucking cool?

In case you haven't figured it out yet, now you get sexy porn scenes, including fucking awesome character voiceovers, which are saved in your gallery as soon as you unlock them. You can always come back to watch them again, both images and full scenes, and get a good jerk.

Of course, the game provides you with a insanely fucking content that you will see in the game! By the way, the price is also very nice, it is less than 10 euros and 10 dollars.
I'm sure you will definitely enjoy playing it and want to come back!

The game is available in Steam for 4$. But if you purchased a subscription on our site, you can download it at the link Spooky Starlets 0.7P.
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