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Author: Artemida

Hi, reader! What about an erotic bedtime fairy tale? It wouldnt hurt, I think! How can I call this fairy tale... hmm, let it be teen sex chat .

Once upon a time there was a quiet Jenny. It was a beautiful girl with a great figure and an angelic voice. She studied well and everyone liked her. However, she had one significant disadvantage an excellent student's syndrome. Everything was not enough for her, especially attention. Daily com-pliments are perceived by her as routine, how its boring! Everyone admired her beautiful face, but nobody saw her tight ass, thin waist and neat chest under the uniform, what an injustice!

Jenny also had a friend named Mia, who constantly rubs with guys and is not shy about anything. However, sex without love and prostitution didnt cause Jen's inner sparkle, and common sense said that with her syndrome, she would just fuck the whole city. What to do?

The decision was not long in coming, she was a smart girl.
I want to be admired, every cell of my body
, thought the girl, sending strangers photos of her body and catching compliments and re-turn photos, but after that it was also not enough for her. Jen's self-esteem grew every day, but in-side she was tormented by emptiness.

Have you ever thought that the FBI is listening to you? It happens to me often, like to our character, because an advertisement for sex toys immediately popped up immediately after she talked to Mia about how nothing can fill this void. Maybe it is a sign?

After three days Jen already had a full set of dildos and vibrators of various sizes. Her desire grew every day, and her regular viewers saw it. How? Webcam, my curious friend. On fapprrchat she got everything she wanted. Attention and delight of men. She was the best in jerking off, and come up like she passed the exam in some academy of whores. Its said that she is to still jerk off on this site.
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