Vampire Life 0.62

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I am very glad that you are interested
this game and now I will tell you more about it! So!

We play as vampires whose true fate is not easy.
Where he found himself in a completely unfamiliar post-war fantasy world, he completely lost his memory, where on every corner he will find adventure and danger.

Due to an unknown gene mutation, our vampire can eat normal human food, and because of the same mutation, he is a slave to his immunity. Those people who survived invented the vaccine for themselves and stopped being exposed to the virus, but this vaccine does not affect the vampire and he needs to come up with something else, for example, drink blood from morphs so that he does not die,
How many races voluntarily agree to this? The answer is no!

Here begins the path of our main character, for survival he will have to capture morphs.
And then what to do with this morph? Release sell? Have sex or just kill?
Is it possible to educate and tame? Or maybe in love with yourself? Request a ransom? or..... ? You decide!

Release Year: 2016
Genre: RPG, Animation, Survival, Furry, Monstergirl, Quest, Sandbox, Anal, Vaginal, Oral, Blowjob, doggystyle, Titfuck, Male hero
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch for removal
Developer / Publisher: V1Vampire life
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: In development
Version: 0.62
Game language (plot): Russian
Interface language: Russian
Voice Language: Russian
System requirements (minimum): CPU: Intel Core i3-2130 | RAM: 4GB | VRAM: 1 GB | HDD: 2 GB

In this patch, we reworked almost all the events on the map. Making them better is more interesting. This does not mean that the tornado event ceases to be a tornado event. This means that now it can transfer the player to different places, cast in locations, injure more, and not only be able to take away nr))
A couple of new mechanics are used, interactions through different pets and additional rewards. A great patch that brings many hours of new content! Enjoy it!

1. Fixed bugs with the operation of the map system, in some cases there was a glitch and the map search was reset.
2. Fixed one of the oldest errors in the game. Probably many have come across it. If, for example, you press ecs during a dialogue and then exit, you could drop the game in the menu and turn off the game. The bug is fixed.
3. Fixed a harmful bug with cheating stats ...
4. Fixed a bug in the combat system when, on a difficult level of difficulty, opponents were still light. Now they will be much stronger (yes, it was a bug).

Modified by:
1. Now the chance of getting sick is 4 times lower compared to patch 61.1.
2. Changed event - Unique berries.
3. Changed event - Chests.
4. Changed event - The animal is in trouble.
5. Changed event - Dead.
6. Changed event - Travelers.
7. Changed event - House.
8. Changed event - Grotto.
9. Changed event - Cave.
10. Changed event - Marshy area.
11. Changed event - Swamp.
12. Changed event - Fairies.
13. Changed event - Creature.
14. Changed event - Insect.
15. Changed event - Wagon.
16. Changed event - Forest cache.
17. Changed event - Dark Forest.
18. Changed event - Kochka.
19. Changed event - Tornado.
20. Changed event - Thirst.
21. Changed event - Spider Web Trap.
22. Changed event - Web site.
23. Changed the search for loot on the map. The swamp region. So far, only there. Like it - leave it. No - we will return as it was.
I repeat. In some events, it became possible to get UNIQUE objects, colors of various morphs, and some tasks.

1. Now, if you drink blood, you will receive a buff. The buff is unique to each morph. Buff gives positive and negative parameters to the player. Example with Mankurt.
Buff gives a penalty to player’s nr, but gives protection from curses.
The higher the rarity of the morph, the more this buff works.
2. A lot of work on the translation of the game. I think there is nothing more to write about.
3. Updated list of patrons, added 4 new unique avatars.
4. Added a new random event with 18+ art on the map. To activate, you need a certain pet.
5. Added a lot of new art that does not apply to 18+. These are mainly event backgrounds.
6. The new opponent is the Shadow bandit (boss).
7. The new adversary is Black Volkolak (the boss).
8. The new adversary is the Bloody Spider (half boss).
9. A new potion of skills. Forever gives +1 skill point. Falls in some new and reworked events.
10. A new event with bandits.
11. A new type of kernel (optimization).
12. Translation work, about 20% of the game has been translated.
13. Added 3 new mini-games. They are not activated in the game and do not work - only their code is added, check the game’s performance and load on it. If everything goes smoothly - in the next. patches you will find something very interesting)) Mini-games will not come out immediately. One, most likely. If not, no ..; (
14. For Halloween, we added special bags to the drop. Enjoy it)
We have prepared a brand new boss for you, especially for this holiday and did not have time. Most likely, we will introduce it later.
15. A new event with guards at the gates of the village.
Vampire Life 0.62

Download Vampire Life 0.62
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