Amateur mod on Jack of whips 1.7.6 from HF

How much is Eternal Rome?
Nobody knows the answer to this question.
Eternal Rome was, is and will be ...

In the city of vice, existing outside of space and time, Mists daily bring a huge number of people - men, old people and women. But most of all women ... They are in this city not only the object of satisfaction of lust, but also goods, food and means of entertainment.
You are the representative of a respected guild of slavers, and only you decide what fate is in store for your girls ...
Overcoming all obstacles in your path, improving your skills, selling trained slaves, you make your way to fame and glory.

About fashion:
Practically without touching the original version 1.7.6, we introduced new quests, areas with new customers and characters, and our storyline into it.

The graphics modification folder contains images from old versions of the Jack of the Whip. This will allow the classic lovers to return familiar pictures (and vice versa ...) without losing the gameplay.

Since the mod is in the working phase and constantly updated there are some drawbacks.
1. The main one is not always stable preservation. Therefore - save more often and preferably on the game's home window.
2. There are many new locations in the game and not all of them are decorated in the final version and work is constantly being done on them.

Have a nice game!

Year of release: 2018
Genre: RPG, Simulator, BDSM, Rape, Dominate, Anal, Blowjob, Group Sex, Striptease, Titsjob, Slave training
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Old Huntsman / Old Hunter
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: unofficial / modification
Tabletka: Not Required
Game language (plot): Russian
Interface language: Russian
Voice Language: No voice
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10, CPU: Intel or AMD Athlon, RAM: 1 Gb, HDD: 1.5 Gb

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