Book of Lust

15.08.2017, English Hentai Games

Book of Lust Version A NSFW time-management/rpg/visual novel in which you play as a guy that opens a spell book and releases a succubus. The succubus then possesses his mother and he gets access to both her and her spellbook. I do animations, comics, and illustrations, so it's going to have a lot of those in there as well.

Fetishes so far:

-Mind Control
-Body swap
-Hentai Dialogue
Book of Lust v0.0.4.1b (Patreon Testing Build)

-Fixed softlock on hunger scenario when playing as Cassandra. Nothing happens, but the game won't reset.
-Fixed softlock on casting Soul Passenger on Jake. Nothing will happen, but the game won't lock.
-Attempted to fix the entire game resetting under certain conditions. Save files should still work (Hopefully)
-Attempting to load a save from a slot with no save in it will give a "This save file doesn't exist" message instead of resetting the game.
-Soul Passenger now immediately appears as a castable spell when Soul Link is cast.
-Soul Link should no longer effect Command: Fuck Other
-Added a 1920x1080 resolution option in the options menu
-Added quit button to title screen
-Added a button to toggle music on/off in the ingame option menu as well as the titlecreen option menu

Book of Lust

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