XXXtreme Ghostbusters (trailer)

12.06.2017, Adult Cartoons

Download XXXtreme Ghostbusters (trailer). Kylie Griffin from the Extreme Ghostbusters kidnap ghosts and cover their ectoplasm for 15 minutes.
Do not miss the scene after the credits!

Extras. The information: Animation is timed to the anniversary - the decade of the creation of Zone. Kylie Griffin is the heroine of the first flash animation Zone 2005.

The plot is based on the 6th episode of the series: "13 Favorites" (Casting the Runes). In it, the rascal Rifkin abducts from the museum magical runes, touching which opens the portal to another world and dooms the "chosen runes" to eternal service to the demon Kalila. Rifkin uses runes to revenge offenders, and Eduardo becomes one of the elect. In the alternate world of XXXtreme Ghostbusters, Kylie, not Eduardo, touches the cursed rune.

Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:01:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
File Size: 235 MB
Download XXXtreme Ghostbusters (trailer)
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